What I've been up to.

Here's a selection of some recent work. For more up to the minute work you can visit me on dribbble or twitter.

Table Reservation

Wealth & Investment Management

Java & JS Engineer

As an exploration in product design and architecture development I have been working on an idea for a wealth management system. Thoroughly challenging thinking through the product development but ultimately rewarding.

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UI / UX / Web Design

I worked on a E-Commerce Reluxury Platform . A E-Commerce theme with a heavy focus on luxurious look & feel,less response time.

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Web Design / UI

I worked with Codeyeti as a freelancer on outsourced project qubestack,with their design prototyping.

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FueTech Freelancer Agency

Web Design / UI / UX

It is freelancing Agency & Project Management Tool, mainly as a collaborative side project to get a better understanding of both customer requirement,app design and development.

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Cleaning Services

Web Design / UI

I created a better marketing site for Dust Busterz, as an suggested solution for their Business Process. I decided to build out the identity around the product name, working in some illustrations to help create the brand.

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Online Grocery

Web Design

I collaboratively worked on the E commerce site for daal-subzi, a reimagining of how people search for grocery products. The site called for lots of illustrations to convey its purpose, with a big focus on creating a welcoming feel.

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Dextop Care

UI Design / Web Design

Recently I worked on the marketing website for Dextop Care, a web-based System Support platform. I used soft colours to keep the website friendly but also maintain its business like nature.

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Consultancy Partner

Web Design

jeetconsultax contacted me to give a refresh to their Consultancy Website. I updated their colour palette for a more vibrant, youthful feel & changed their typography to better suit their brand nature.

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Text King


Web Design / Responsive

This was an assignment from an agency to create an efficient & reponsive landing page.

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